Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogging Is Fundamental: Advice to Jen Sexton from her Trusted Advisor, Jen Sexton

The first thing one must to is determine that blogging is vitally important. Move it near the top of the To Do list, alongside sleeping, eating, showering, washing clothes, remembering to not wear the same clothes every day, getting a spot of exercise, and showing up to work once in a while.

Number two: juggle the many things in the day. Juggle additional things at night. Try not to juggle in dreams. Fail.

Step C: invent a new type of timekeeping which allows one to physically insert one's person directly in between moments of time and take a biiiiiiig breath, thus pushing the very moments of time apart with one's expanding ribcage. Quickly exhale and shrink back down. Write as much as possible before time contracts back around you, squeezing your very life out.

And finally: just do the thing that you can't help but do. Let the juggling knives and clocks fall where they may. When the phone rings, sneer at it. Good things happen to those who swing up on the horse and hang on. Not so much to those who walk all over town saying, "Anybody know whose horse this is...?"

It's my freaking horse.

I remain,
Your Blogstress

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